Concert Vox Peregrino under their director John Wiles July 6th 11am….

Well Done to the Choir and to John for the concert which went down a treat with all …… the people off the street who just poped their heads in for a look had a special surprise to hear the wonderfull music… Many Thanks

vox peregrini is an elite choral ensemble comprised of professional singers, conductors, and experienced musicians who intentionally pursue the formative power of music, ensemble, and the rehearsal process by placing all rehearsals and performances within the context of pilgrimage.
Just as pilgrimage has been both real and metaphoric for virtually every religion in the world, it can be both real and metaphoric for music and musicians.  As the music progresses through the rehearsal process, the musicians themselves progress on foot from village to village.
our name
vox peregrini can be loosely translated as “the voice of pilgrims.”   The terms ‘pilgrim’ and ‘peregrinus’ have carried multiple meanings over the centuries and have an extensive history.

The Choir under the direction of John Wiles will give a short concert in St James’ Church on July 6th at 11am …