First Holy Communion and Confirmation 2018


CONGRATULATIONS to the boys and girls of both the 1St Communion and Confirmations classes and their teachers who have started their first part of the journey to the sacraments, this week at their enrolment and commitment ceremony’s.

First Holy Communion will take place Friday APRIL  20th 2018 @ 11.00am.

Confirmation  will take place on Friday APRIL 27th 2018 @ 11.00am

Confirmation  in St John Of God School Islandbridge April 21st 2018@ 11.00am

First Holy Communion in Educate Together, Basin Lane Dates to be confirmed

Let us all pray for the boys and girls of St James School, John Of God School, Educate together and their teachers, and support them  in their preparations towards receiving these Special Sacraments.

Parish Masses for the First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes are on sunday Jan 7th at 10.30….

February 4th at 10.30am…. March 4th at 10.30am….April 1st (EasterSunday) at 10.30am.