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New Year Greetings

As we come to the end of another year, each of us are offered the opportunity to reflect on the year past and to prepare to greet a New Year.

We give thanks for the many blessings which God has given us and for the many ways those blessings come into our lives.  For the gift of family and friends, for the gift of good neighbours and all those who bring kindness into our lives each day.  For health and happiness, for the gift of faith and love, we give thanks.

For some, 2018 may have been a difficult year. Bereavement, illness, addiction, financial difficulties can leave us hurt and feeling isolated. May you know the healing presence of God in your life through the support of others.

For our Parish too, it is a time of reflection.

We give thanks to God For all those who enrich our Parish and Community life by their generous giving, for those who look after those in need, for those who keep us safe or are there when we are in need,

We ask forgiveness for our failures and offer forgiveness to those who have failed us. We renew our commitment to live as Jesus asked, to be loving, forgiving, caring, sharing, supportive and truthful in a way that brings joy and peace to all those we share life with in the New Year. 

May the Lord bless our efforts and our world with His continued presence throughout 2019.  Happy New Year to All.

Fr Eugene