Parish Council concerns over the new Children’s Hospital site.

The St James Parish Pastoral Council

Objections to the New Children’s Hospital Located at St James Hospital Dublin 8

Case Number PL29N.PA0043

To: An Bord Pleanàta

1. We are very concerned about the lack of parking spaces as we understand that there will only be 420 spaces added to the present number and add to the huge traffic volume.

We have a crisis of parking all around the hospital at present with many cars being parked near the Luas stops. It causes problems with safety and vandalism at the present time and residents cannot park outside their own properties. There is very little resident parking now it will only get worse with the new Hospitals inadequate parking proposals.

2. The exits/entrance and bus stop proposals are grossly inadequate and parishioners have not been consulted about these changes with will effect their ability to access their properties safely. At present their is an enormous amount of traffic which makes getting around very difficult and in particular for the elderly.

3.We are very concerned about the demolition of the old church building in the Hospital grounds which has been used for decades by the local community/patients/visitors. It has a rich history which is being wiped away without any reference to our parishioners who along with staff have paid towards its upkeep and furnishings over many decades.

4.The storage of chemicals, child research management and their disposal is of grave concern to our parishioners and what it will mean for the health of people is such close proximity to these proposed waste management facilities. We need more clarity on waste management.

5.The scale of the building will over shadow the surrounding residential houses and block daylight and parishioners are worried about subsidence and rat in infestation as the construction site is on top of many of our parishioners properties.

6.The new hospital will be placed in the boundary of our parish and will effect all roads surrounding the hospital. At present our parishioners cannot safely cross roads, park outside their homes and feel that they are being sidelined in this whole process contrary to what is being put forward by the NPHDB Project Office.Elderly people will feel more isolated than they are at the moment.

7.We are concerned that the new volume of traffic will have a major effect on parishioners ability to get to Funerals, Parish Mass, and all services in our church safely as well as parking.

Finally we are not opposed to the new children hospital been built we just feel its in the wrong place. We believe the proposal of Connelly Hospital makes complete sense. There is room to build expand and place a new maternity hospital beside the children’s facility. There is literally no room in James Hospital for the new children’s hospital and a maternity hospital. It is an ill-advised proposal from the very start and we are astonished that it has even progressed to this stage without someone saying stop it will never work. Our Children as many children charities have stated deserve better for now and in the future.

On behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council St James Parish Dublin 8


Fr John Collins – Moderator