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Vox Peregrini Concert

St. James’s Parish, in association with the Camino Society of Ireland, is delighted to welcome Vox Peregrini on Thursday, July 4th at 7.30pm.

Vox Peregrini is an ensemble comprised of professional singers, conductors, and experienced musicians who intentionally pursue the formative power of music, ensemble, and the rehearsal process by placing rehearsals and performances within the context of pilgrimage. Founded in 2015, Vox Peregrini has embarked upon multiple pilgrimages through the Wicklow Way in Ireland as well as Þórsmörk in Iceland, and has offered concerts throughout Dublin and Reykjavik.

This year, the Choir is making their pilgrimage through the Wicklow Way and the many holy sites of Wicklow, including the monastery at Glendalough.

It is fitting that they should end their time in Ireland here in St. James which has long been a gathering place for pilgrims

All are welcome to what promises to be a very special evening.