Once the couple have booked the church, and met the priest who is to perform the ceremony, it is necessary, by civil law, to make an appointment to meet the Civil Register to give notice of their intention to marry. This must be done at least three months prior to the wedding.

Civil Registration Service, Joyce House,
8/11 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2.
Opening Hours: 9.00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday (through lunch)
Phone: 01 863 8200
Serving of three month notice for marriage is by appointment only.

To be married in the parish church couples will need to include a Prenuptial Enquiry form, up to date Baptismal & Confirmation Certs, Letters of Freedom (if either couple have lived more than six months in another parish). The team can help you with the paperwork and must be completed at least 3 months before the wedding date.
Couples are recommended to engage in a pre-marriage course.
Please contact for details of pre-marriage courses.

If you wish to get married abroad, make sure you inform your priest at least six months in advance. He will tell you what other arrangements you need to make. For example Pre-nuptial enquiry forms (the forms you fill out with the priest) have to be sent through the Diocese to the host Diocese in the country you are getting married. This can take some time.
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Getting a Papal Blessing for your Wedding.

If you wish to have a Papal Blessing read out at the wedding ceremony, apply for it almost three months in advance of that date.

  1. Get letter of recommendation from your Parish Priest (of one or other party) indicating that you are a practicing Catholic.
  1. Select the kind of scroll you want, and the wording you want on it. You might try Veritas in Abbey St., Dublin. Almost any major bookshop can provide this service.
  1. Make your application, consigning to your agent the letter of recommendation from the parish Priest; and paying for the scroll in advance.